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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Light Skin Tone Bras from Porcelain to Peach

Ever been frustrated trying to find a skin tone bra that actually matched (or even came close) to your skin tone? In my case, most of the bras are too dark (I’m sort of a vellum/pale gold color). Which is annoying.

It’s even more annoying, and traditionally even more difficult, if your skin is latte, amber, chestnut, walnut, or mocha. It’s a sea of “nude” that isn’t really.

Now, I’m also aware, that as a relatively pale person, my sense of skin tone differences isn’t as acute as it could be. So, I tried to be as scientific and consistent about this as I could.

First, I found a skin tone color chart online, with skin tones from pale porcelain to dark ebony. Then I went through all the bras in every skin tone I could find and matched them up to the skin tone labels.

To do this, I used a color meter tool. If you’re not familiar with what that is, the short explanation is that it breaks up each color into a formula (it’s used for web design and printing so you can get the same shade every time).

Then, I used the color meter on each bra photo, got the formula, and then matched it against the colors of the skin tone images. I chose the closest formula color I could find.

Now, a few caveats, what looks similar on my screen, and to my eyes, at my desk may look different under varying light conditions, in different rooms, and on different computers.

However, at least it gives you an idea where each bra falls on the spectrum and the colors are grouped and labeled consistently. This is particularly important since the color names are not uniform across brands. One brand’s mocha color is another brand’s cappuccino color. I’ve seen bras labeled cappuccino that are sort of a coffee with milk color while others are a black coffee color.

I can’t embed the chart here, because it’s not mine and I don’t have permission to use it, but this is a link to the color chart I used.

I’ve divided the color groupings into color categories (matching the chart), and created a post to match each set.  It was originally going to be one post, but it got out of control! So now it's four posts (one for each group).

They are:

Light: porcelain to peach (this post)
Medium light: cool sand to olive
Medium dark: sienna to chestnut, and
Dark: bronze to ebony

Each post has a heading on top, and then all the subcategory colors listed underneath. I’ve also matched up the color name of the bra with the color name on the chart. So, for example, Wacoal “ivory” equals “warm ivory” while Vanity Fair "ivory" is "porcelain.”

Although these posts are about bras that fit your skin tone, rather than your body shape or size, this blog is still “find a bra that fits”. So, each bra is also labeled with the sizes it comes in and the body types (average, small bust, full bust, full figure) for which it is best suited. Since color is what’s important here, I’ve only listed the skin tone colors for each bra (many come in blues, reds, prints, purples, etc.). Since some of the bras come in multiple suitable skin tones, they may appear more than once.

Bras for Light Skin Tones (from Porcelain to Peach)

This includes shades of porcelain, ivory, cool ivory, warm ivory, rosy cream, cream, wheat, latte, cool peach, and peach.

Playtex Secrets Full Figure Bra 4422 Mother of Pearl

A little lace, a floral design, and a tiny bow all add up to a bra you’ll be happy to look at, and feel good wearing. Plus size shouldn’t mean dull and boring. It’s not just pretty though. It also has plenty of support and comfort features. For example, higher sides and back to hold everything in, and stamp out back and side bulges. The cups are rounder and wider for better superior support and containment, and they stretch for a better fit. It also has hidden slings that cradle your bust and provide more lift.

Mother of Pearl (equals porcelain)
US sizes 34C-DD, 36B-DD, 38B-DD, 40C-DDD, 42 and 44 B-DD.
Full figure

Vanity Fair Women's Beauty Back Full Figure Underwire Bra 76380 Ivory

Sick of back fat? This bra makes it disappear. The high sides and “beauty back” on this bra help smooth out lumps and reduce side and back bulging. The cups are smooth, with a pretty appliqué in the center. The contour construction makes it a perfect t-shirt bra (no headlights will show through). It’s not padded, just thick enough for modesty, without additional bulk.

The wide center panel is best if you are wide-set. If you are close-set, you might pop out of it!

It also has a leotard back, which will help keep the straps in place (no slipping or sliding).

Ivory equals porcelain
Sizes 36C-44DD (not all sizes available)
Full Figure

Bali One Smooth U Light Beige

Versatile, and comfortable, this bra can be worn the usual way or converted to criss-cross. It’s not padded (just shaped) so there’s no extra bulk. The inner slings give you great support and a natural, rounded shape under clothing. It’s completely smooth, with just a band of sheer mesh along the cups.

And, it really is comfortable. You won’t want to tear it off the minute you get home. There’s a bit of stretch in the cups for a better, more comfortable fit that will keep everything contained where it belongs.

High sides and back hide unsightly bulges and it has a leotard back to help straps stay put.

Light beige (equal to porcelain)
US sizes 34-42B-DD
Average figure/full figure

Maidenform Love the Lift 9428 Ivory

Boost your bust with this uplifting bra. Graduated padding makes you look bustier, without looking fake. It pushes you up from the bottom and sides for a more natural look. The low neckline is ideal for summer tops, and there are no seams to show through under clothes. There is a bit of lace between the cups and near the bottom of the straps for an extra flourish.

Maidenform does tend to run small, so if you are between sizes, order up. The material is super-soft and comfortable against your skin

Ivory equals ivory
Average figure

Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort F2892 Ivory

Get a boost with this low cut, padded bra.  The padding is graduated, so it looks more natural and gives you a lift (rather than just making you look larger).  Instead of bulk, you'll lovely shaping and great cleavage. And, the material is soft, with a nice satiny sheen.

Better if you are shallow, especially at larger sizes, since it's a plunging neck and Calvin Klein tends to run small anyway.  You may want to try a cup size up.

Ivory equals warm ivory
US sizes 30C-DD, 32A-DD, 34A-DDD, 36SA-DDD, and 38C-DD
Small bust/average figure

Wacoal Basic Beauty Underwire Spacer Bra Ivory

Spacer knit fabric helps this bra support you comfortably and beat the heat at the same time. It’s got side slings to push you forward and keep breast tissue from sliding under your arms. The straps are close-set, which helps stop them from sliding off your shoulders. The sleek, polished, no-fuss design won’t show under clothing (since there’s no seams, lace, or mesh).

Ivory (equals warm ivory)
US 30D-G, 32-40C-G. 42-46C-DDD
Full bust

Anita Rosa Faia Twin Seamless Champagne

An extra supportive layer of fabric gives you a great, customized fit. without being too sheer. It's still lightweight and comfortable, even in hot weather. Since it's seamless and completely smooth, the bra won't show under your clothing (and thanks to the double layer, neither will you).

Larger sizes have inner slings, wider straps, and a heavier underwire for more lift and better support for bigger breasts.

It's got a wide center panel, so it will fit better and be more comfortable if you are wide-set.  Since it has center pull straps, they'll give you a bit of extra lift (great if you are shallow or sagging).

Champagne equals warm ivory
EU sizes 30C-H, 32-38H, 40B-G, 42B-F. 44B-F.
Full bust/full figure

Chantelle C Magnifique 1891 Ivory

Get a custom fit with a foam lining and stretchy fabric cups that adapt to your shape for a better fit. There’s just enough lining to keep the headlights under control without adding extra bulk (after all, it’s a minimizer, we don’t want bulk!).

It will reduce your buntline’s appearance, making you look smaller, so your tops and shirts will fit better. Inset fully-adjustable straps are perfect for sloping shoulders or women with long torsos (or if you’re just plain tall). You’ll get a soft, natural looking rounded shape that will look great under clingy shirts and t-shirts.

There are no seams to show under clothes and no lace, just a light jacquard pattern.

Ivory (equals warm ivory)
EU sizes 32D-I, 34-38 C-I, 40-42C-H, and 44C-F (sizes are C,D, E, F, G, H, I)
Full bust

Wacoal Awareness Underwire Full Figure Bra Ivory

Great for wearing under t-shirts, this bra is completely smooth, with no lace or seams to show under clothing. It’s got excellent lifting power too (great if you tend to sag). It’s not strictly a minimizer, but it will compress you a bit for a smoother look under clothing.

The center pull straps are also better for pendulous breasts (it centers the lift over your breast tissue). It’s not only supportive, it’s also pretty. The cups have a floral design and it does not look like a granny bra (even though it comes in cup sizes up to I.

The larger sizes have extra hooks in back for better support. The band runs a bit on the small side, so you may want to adjust (up a band size and down a cup size) to get a better fit.

Ivory equals warm ivory
US sizes 32D-G, 34C-I, 36-40C-I, 42-44 Through H
Full figure/full bust

Little Bra Company Elizabeth Sports Bra Ivory

Designed for petites, this bra is super soft and will stand up to both everyday activities and workouts.  It's got seams and darts for shaping and support with a plunging neckline that won't show under t-shirts or workout wear.

It does have padding, both for additional size and for modesty.  The cups do seem to be running a bit small, so if you are in-between, order a size up.

Racerback straps aren't adjustable, so keep that in mind.

Ivory equals warm ivory
US sizes 28A-38A
Small bust/petite

Just My Size Curvy Balconette MJ1203 Mother of Pearl

Vertical seams give shape and help boost your breasts up where they belong. Sheer mesh, embroidered leaves, and lace give this bra plenty of sex appeal. The lace is sheer, but the bra is lined so it’s not see-through. There’s some spandex fabric in the back for bulge control and stretch. Elastic edges give a bit of extra stretch for a better, more tailored fit.

Mother of pearl equals ivory
US 38D-DD, 40c-DDD, 42C-DD, and 44-66 D-DDD.
Full figure

Prima Donna Madison Natural

Exquisite lace and exceptional construction and fit combine to create a bra that’s supportive and beautiful. If you’re a value shopper, this bra is not for you. If you appreciate luxury and fine craftsmanship, and need exceptional support, it’s perfect. And they last and last and last. You won’t have to keep replacing them every few months (just make sure you don’t wear the same bra every day).

The cups are exceptionally deep, so it’s ideal for fuller, rounder breast shapes. It will keep everything in place exactly where it belongs, while still looking elegant and refined,

The lace has some stretch for a better fit and the arched seams on the cups add support and lift. The seams, along with inner support panels, also push you forward and move extra tissue out from under your arms.

Natural equals warm ivory
EU sizes 32D-I, 34C-I, 36-44 B through I, and 46 F through H.
Full bust

Prima Donna Madison Latte

Yes, this is an investment. It’s luxurious, beautiful, and meant to last for years (not months). One woman reported her bras lasted 16 years! (Wow, and I thought my Marie Jo was doing great at 11). The full cups and full coverage design are perfect if you are round and full (or for implants).

There are panels on the side for additional support and shaping. This pulls you forward, and keeps everything centered where it belongs, and away from under your arms.  Fantastic for larger bust sizes because the support is so good, and the seams used help both lift and shape you (for a more rounded look). Also, the lace on top is stretchy, so you’ll essentially get a custom fit (great if one side is bigger than the other).

Latte equals latte
EU sizes 32D-I, 34C-I, 36-44 B through I, and 46 F through H.
Full bust

Freya Fancies AA1101 Latte

Pretty, lightweight, but still strong enough to hold up G cups. The cups are embellished with a lace overlay and trimmed top and bottom with scalloped lace (it’s along both the top and the band). There’s a cheeky keyhole opening too. You may wonder at the back (just one hook? In a G cup?).

There’s an elastic band in the back plus a gated style for excellent support without also those heavy (and hard-to-close) hooks.

Cafe au Lait/Latte equals Latte
UK 28D-30 D through G, 32C-G, 34-38C-G.
Full bust

Panache Envy Latte

An eye-catching design that mixes lace and something you might not expect…houndstooth. The balconies shape is super-flattering, and stretches for a better fit, and to prevent the dreaded quad-boob effect.

It has a leotard back, which will keep the straps from slipping. And, the straps are fully adjustable (up to a G cup), so it’s a good fit if you are extra tall or extra short. Speaking of short, the underwires are also short, which means it’s more comfortable if you have a shorter torso (the wires won’t dig in under your arms).

Vertical, angled seams, and non-stretch lower cups combine for extra lifting power and support, keeping everything up where it should be. You may think you’ve lost weight, without sacrificing a single calorie or lifting one barbell.

The center panel is narrow, so it’s best if you are close-set.

Latte equals Latte
UK sizes 28F-H, 30D-K, 32-40D through K (D, DD, E, F, G, GG, H, HH, J, JJ, K)
Full Bust

Vanity Fair Women's Nearly Invisible Full Coverage Underwire Bra 75201 In the Buff

Called nearly invisible for a reason, this style will disappear under your clothes. The top edge of the cups lies completely flat, so there’s no weird bulge under t-shirts. It’s super light too, so you won’t feel weighed down by your bra. There’s padding for modesty, but it doesn’t add any bulk, just keeps you looking smooth. Plus, the straps and the hooks are backed with soft, comfortable material so they won’t irritate your skin.

It’s got a low neckline, so it won’t show under most tops. And there are four shades of “nude” from light to dark (see each section for your shade).

In the buff equals rosy cream
US sizes 43B-40DD
Average Figure
(This also comes in a full figure style in the same colors up to a 44DD).

This bra appears dainty, but that lace hides lots of support and lift. Freya specializes in full bust bras (this one goes up to a G cup; and its sister bra (AA1012) goes up to K! One of the secrets is that the back is “gated” which helps keep it from moving or sliding around, despite being thin and delicate-looking.

Another trick is the shape and style of the seams: vertical seams create lift, and the angled seams add extra support and shaping. The lace is fairly flat, and won’t show lumps and bumps under clothes.

The straps are fully adjustable, so you can get them the right length for your height.

Natural beige equals rosy cream
UK 28D-30 D through G, 32C-G, 34-38C-G.
Full bust

Little Bra Company Sascha Pearl Lace Strapless Bra

Perfect for special occasions that call for a strapless bra (or wear it with the straps three other ways: standard, criss-cross, or halter).

The smooth cups are overlaid with lace for an elegant, sophisticated look.

Note that Little Bra Company bras are specifically designed for smaller bodies, that means petite, small busted, and with the cups closer together than average body bras.  This particular style is better if you are wide-set (spot that wide triangle in the center).

Pearl lace equals cream
US sizes 28A to 38A
Small bust/petite

Maidenform One Fab Fit Original Tailored Demi T-Shirt Bra 7959 Blush

This has just a bit of padding, enough to hide the headlights, and make you look a bit bigger, without looking fake.  The cups stretch two ways, for a better, closer fit to your body's natural shape.

There aren't any seams or lace to create bumps or lines and the bra is virtually invisible under your clothing. It's got a low neckline, which is perfect for plunging tops.

Blush equals cream
US sizes 32A to 38DD
Average figure

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Fuller Bust Bralettes for Large Breasts

Want to wear a bralette, but think you can't because you have a larger bust?  Think again.

If you're not sure what a bralette is exactly, here's a brief rundown. As a rule, bralettes are wire-free, lacy, with thin or racerback straps, and often feature either a longer silhouette or a band under the cups.

They tend to be soft and light, without the weight and bulk of a traditional bra, which makes them perfect for lounging or sleeping (or even layering under a tank top).

Because of that, smaller busted women have been snapping them up for years. Unfortunately, for a long time, women with larger breasts or fuller bodies, were completely shut out. And, it’s true that the physics are a bit trickier.

However, that’s now changed. Not the physics, but the selection! Bralettes are now available with adjustable straps, and a wider range of sizes, including real “bra” sizes, for a better fit and more support than before.

That said, a bralette won't provide as much lift, nipple control, or shaping as a wired or seamed bra would.  There's no molding or contouring, meaning that the bralette isn’t padded or structured to hold a fixed shape like a t-shirt bra.   And, they have considerably less structure than a standard bra with few seams and often no side slings or support panels inside the bra.

No, they won’t replace your trusty wired, multi-part seamed or contour bra, and certainly not a sports bra. You’ll never get the same level of support, separation, and lift.

But, they’re just the thing for sleeping in, lounging around on a weekend at home or to just run out and get the mail.

As usual, I've sorted them by size range: large breasts, full bust, and plus size, so just scroll down to find the right size.

Bralettes for Large Breasts

(up to an H cup and 46 band)

Curvy Couture Cotton Luxe Wire Free Bralette 1010

A rare bra that’s not only soft and breathable, but comes in bigger bra sizes too. It is slightly molded (shaped), and the cups are stretchy for a better fit.

The fabric is seamless, so there are no lines to show under clothing. It does have decorative lace along the neckline and and the center. A lace appliqué in the middle helps give a bit of separation.

High sides and back smooth you out and provide a bit of bulge control. Probably best if you are average height or taller, and not a short torso. The straps are adjustable, so you can get them just the right length.

And, it comes in cup sizes up to US H, so you don’t have to give up comfort just because you have larger breasts.

Comes in beige, mauve, pink, navy, and black in sizes 34DD-H, 36C-H, 38C-H, 40B-H, 42B-H, 44B-H, and 46C-H. (US sizes) in a cotton blend.

Curvy Couture Crochet Lace Bralette

Beautiful lace, as well as halter strap closure (with more lace) make this bralette a standout. The cups are lace, over a mesh lining. That way, you don’t reveal too much. The halter almost gives a racerback effect. You put it on by hooking the top first, then the band closure.

It does have underwires, but they “float”, making them more comfortable while still giving you support and lift. It’s also got power mesh material and side boning for control, shaping and smoothing. 

The boning is flexible, rather than hard and stiff. It will move with you and won’t dig into your sides.

White, pink, navy, and black in US sizes 36 DDD-H, 38 DDD-H, 40-44 C through H.

Cosabella Girlie Racerback Bralette Nev1352

Lace, lace, and more lace! It’s got a lightweight lining (for nipple concealment) and angled seams to help shape your bust. The back is lace too, with a hourglass-shaped racerback style that won’t show under sleeveless tops.

No hooks, just pull it over your head. The deep V neck is great under plunging tops. It also has a lace underband for light support.

Sizes S-3X (which equals 32-38A, 32-38B, 32-38C, 34-38D, 36-40 DD, 34-38F, and 34-38G) in white, beige, pink, and black

Fuller Bust Bralettes

(Smaller bands and large cups)

Parfait Adriana Lace Bralette

A soft, comfortable bralette that’s completely embellished with lace. It’s got lace all over the front, the straps, and even the back of the band. There’s a bit of seaming on the cups for a better shape and a touch of elastic on the edges for a more custom fit.

It also has boning for support, but it’s flexible, rather than hard and stiff, to make it more comfortable. There’s no underwire, just an elastic band for stability and support.

There’s a J-hook in the back so you can wear it under sleeveless tops as a racerback.

Since it comes in bra sizes (see below) you can get a much better fit than you would from a bralette that’s only S-XL. Those are especially tricky if you are a full bust size (small band and large cup). And, it comes in cup sizes up to UK G (US I) and band sizes from 30 up to 42.

Keep in mind that the band has to be fairly snug in a bralette, otherwise it will slide and slip.

White, raspberry, purple, and black in UK bra sizes 30-40 D-G and 42D-FF (equivalent US sizes are D, DD, E, F, FF, G).

Parfait Dalis Bralette P5641

Smoother and sleeker than its sister bralette above, this version is trimmed with just a bit of lace along the neck and straps. There are vertical seams for shaping, but no wires or padding at all. It does have a lining for a bit of extra support and modesty.

Another nice feature: it’s got a J-hook in the back, so you can wear it as a racerback.

Comes in beige, navy (with black lace), and black in UK bra sizes 30-40 D-G (or US D through I).

Wacoal Embrace Lace Soft Cup Non-Wire Bra 852191

This is just soooo pretty, I had to include it, even though it 'cheats' a bit. The bra is lavished with elegant lace, and has no wires, just an underband for support. And, it does have excellent support for a wire-free, lightweight, lacy little bra.

There are hidden slings and boning (which doesn’t dig in) on the sides, plus darts in the cups for shaping and a touch of elastic along the edges to conform to the shape of your body.

Yes, I admit, it only fits up to a D cup, but it does have band sizes up to 42. And, unlike many bralettes in smaller sizes, the straps are adjustable. Plus, there’s a hook so you can wear it as a racerback.

Sizes 30-42, which will fit cup sizes A-D (D only up to 40) in white, sand, banana, black, and lilac.

Cleo by Panache Bralette 9766

If you’re full busted, you may have thought you couldn’t get a bralette in your size. Well you can! Panache to the rescue. This bralette goes from a 28 band to an H cup!

And, it’s still ightweight and comfortable. It’s lavished with lace, and there’s an underband for some extra lift (not like a regular bra, but just enough to keep everything confined a bit). There are no wires, and no padding, just an angled seam for a rounder, more supportive shape.

The straps are adjustable too. Just make sure you get the right size. If the band is rolling up, it may too big. Go down a band size and up a cup size to get the right fit.

Khaki/wine, cobalt, wine, and black in sizes 28-38 D- H.

Cosabella Never Say Never Curvy Sweetie Soft Bra

Need a small band/large bust bralette? This is it! It’s adorned with beautiful Italian lace, and features scalloped edges along the neckline and underband. Perfect for lounging and sleeping, or just running out to take out the recycling. Since it’s got a powermesh lining, you’ll get some coverage and support, along with three tiers of lace on the outside.

There are darts and two tiny angled seams for shaping. The straps adjust so you can get them just right and there’s an elastic band hidden under the band, for a better fit and support. No, it will never replace a standard underwire bra, but you won’t have to feel embarrassed if you walk out wearing it.

Sizes P-XL  (equals sizes 28-30E -F, 30-32 E- F,  S32-34 E- F, 34-36 E - F, 36-38 F- G, 38-40 G- H) in white, beige, mauve, raspberry, red, charcoal, and black.

Plus Size Bralettes

Leading Lady Wirefree Lace Trim Comfort Bralette 5072

A great choice if you need a large band size, this bralette will fit up to a 56 band (depending on cup size). It doesn’t have discrete cup sizes, but the material is stretchy for a better fit.

It does, however, come in combined cups up to a G cup and band sizes up to 46. There are no wires, and the bra is constructed of soft, stretchy microfiber.

The stretch, plus elastic on the sides and back helps the bra mold to your body for a better fit. There’s no wire, but it doesn’t have an underhand for a bit of extra support and stability.

The straps inset and form a U-shape, which will keep them from slipping. A great feature if you have narrow or sloping shoulders.

Comes in mauve and black in sizes 36-46 B/C/D and DD/F/G; 48-56 B/C/D

Leading Lady Lace Wirefree Front Closure Bralette 5071

A bralette with comfort, and good looks too. It closes in front, so it’s easy to put on. Plus the racerback won’t show under sleeveless shirts. It’s embellished with floral lace, and the deep plunging neckline is scalloped, for an elegant look. The matching mesh lining provides some extra coverage.

This bralette is wire-free, but features an underband for better support, and darts for shaping, and elastic along the sides and back for an improved fit. It has a fairly wide racerback panel, with a keyhole back, giving it a double band effect, for a bit more stability and support. The front closure has four hooks, in two columns, so you can adjust the fit. The four hooks also help keep the bra in place.

Comes in peach or navy in M-5X (which equals 36-42A, 36-50B, 34-50C, 32-48D, and 32-44DD in US sizes).

Cosabella Never Say Never Sweetie Plus Size Bra NV1301P

Beautifully constructed all over lace that’s super soft and comfy. This is a new plus size version of the “core size” bralette that’s a fan favorite.

No wires, just cups band, and straps embellished with Italian lace that’s both beautiful and sophisticated. There’s an underband for support, which is helpful when you have larger breasts.

No hooks, just pull it over your head and go. You can, however, adjust the straps to get the right length. It is quite sheer, so keep that in mind.

Black or beige in 1X through 3X (36-40 D-G).

Monday, July 29, 2019

Medium Dark Skin Tone Bras from Sienna to Chestnut

This is the third in my skin tone bras post series. I'm going through skin tones, from pale porcelain to ebony and matching up the bras to each one.  The idea is to reduce the frustration from trying to find a "nude" bra that actually matches your skin. Because nobody wants to see a too light or too dark bra sticking out from under a light colored or semi-sheer shirt.

The trouble with most "skin tone" bras is that they are extremely limited.  They're mostly focused on lighter colors, with a few medium or (if lucky) darker shades tossed in.  And each brand gives their bras different color names, that aren't consistent. One brand's latte is another's honey.

So, I decided to do something about it.  These posts are organized around a  skin tone color chart I found online. I created each of the four posts in this series to correspond to the color groups on that chart.

They are:

Light: porcelain to peach
Medium light: sand to olive
Medium dark: sienna to chestnut (this post), and
Dark: bronze to ebony

Each post lists the color range it covers (from lightest to darkest in that group), as well as the name of each skin tone the group contains.  I've matched the names, and the bra colors, to the color chart as best I can, using a color meter tool. The tool breaks each color down into a formula, which I then matched to the bra photos.

Once again, the caveat that lighting conditions, computer screens, and individual differences in color perception can affect how different people see the same shade.  However, at least this way, you have a head start! I’ve also included both the bra brand color name in the link and under the description.

The description is also labeled with the color that it matches on the skin chart, so it's easier to find the right one.  Note that even though I carefully selected the link to go to the correct color, some of them won't "stick"! I apologize for that, but just check to make sure you get the right color!

Lastly, I have also included the size range and the appropriate body type for each bra listed (since this is still a blog focused on fit). I did leave out any colors that weren't "skin tones" so you may find you can get them in prints or reds or other hues. Some of the bras are available in more than one skin tone, so they may be listed more than one time.

Skin Tone Bras from Sienna to Chestnut

(Sienna, almond, warm almond, caramel, cool amber, amber, cool walnut, walnut, sable, chestnut)

Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort Customized Lift Bra F2892 Dune

Contoured cups hide the headlights, while giving you a smooth, trim look.  The caps are lightly padded from the bottom up (heavier at the bottom, then thinner going up the cup) to give you an extra bit of oomph.

The low front is great for plunging necklines, and won't show under deep V-neck shirts. The wide-set straps also won't show under open necklines (but may not be ideal if you have sloping shoulders).

Padding, straps, and band vary by size, so smaller sizes don't get more bra than needed; and larger sizes gain extra support.

Dune equals sienna
32-36A-DDD, 38C-DD
Average figure

Vanity Fair Women's Nearly Invisible Full Coverage Underwire Bra 75201 Totally Tan

Microfiber cups give this bra a smooth, comfortable finish. Even the straps and hooks have extra soft material inside so they won’t scratch you. It’s contoured to keep the headlights turned off, and completely smooth, with no bows or lace or attachments show under clothing. And, since there are several nude shades, you’re more likely to find a color that’s suitable for your skin.

Totally tan equals Sienna
US sizes 43B-40DD
Average Figure
(This also comes in a full figure style in the same colors up to a 44DD.

Vanity Fair Women's Beauty Back Full Figure Underwire Bra 76380 Soft Toffee

This bra fits so well, and is so comfy you can wear it for 12 hours without wanting to tear it off. The straps don’t slip, thanks to the leotard back, and they are wide and slightly padded for more comfort.

Actually,  this bra is big on comfort. The wires don’t poke, and it’s designed to be more comfortable if you have a short upper body, or a bigger stomach. The secret is the bandless design (nothing under the cups to dig into your stomach), and the arched center, which keeps the bra’s center gore away from your body.

It’s got super stretch in four directions, which gives you a personalized fit. The fabric adjusts to you, rather than the other way around.

Since it's a contour bra, it will retain its shape when you take it off (it’s heavier than a molded bra), with just enough thickness to hide the headlights, without making you look bigger.

Soft toffee equals Sienna
Sizes 38C-44DD (not all sizes available)
Full figure

Anita Rosa Faia Twin Seamless Skin

Molded cups are shaped (but not padded) with added stretch for a great fit. It's double layered for modesty so you can wear it under the clingiest tops without worrying.

It's still lightweight and breathable, as well as supportive.  There are also extra slings and a stronger wire in larger cup sizes for extra lift, shaping, and hold.

Center pull straps also provide a bit of extra lift; great if you are sagging or pendulous.  The straps are also padded, so they are more comfortable.

Skin equals almond
EU sizes 30C-H, 32-38H, 40B-G, 42B-F,  44B-F.
Full bust/full figure

Just My Size Curvy Balconette MJ1203

A low-cut bra that won’t show under deep, plunging necklines. There’s no padding or boning, so it’s light and more comfortable to wear. It also won’t make you look bigger than you already are.

Vertical seaming lifts and shapes for a more natural, lifted look, while the sheer lace and embroidery add a touch of glamour.

Sheer latte equals warm almond
US 38D-DD, 40c-DDD, 42C-DD, and 44-66 D-DDD.
Full figure

Playtex Secrets Full Figure Bra 4422 Nude

No slip straps, are extra-wide to be more comfortable. The sides and back cover up underarm bulge and back fat, so your sides and back will look flat and even. It’s a full coverage style, so everything stays in place and won’t bounce or pop out if you move or lean over.

The semi-sheer lace and jacquard design add a refined touch. It is seamed, so there may be some show-through under thinner shirts. It’s not a t-shirt bra! This is best if you are close-set, as the center is narrow.

Nude equals Cool Walnut
US sizes 34C-DD, 36B-DD, 38B-DD, 40C-DDD, 42 and 44 B-DD.
Full figure

Chantelle C Magnifique 1891 Hazelnut

A trim, sleek bra that will make you look more streamlined too. It reduces your apparent size by about an inch and also has side panels (in the larger sizes) for better bulge control. All sizes have support slings in the cups for improved shaping and lift. It’s molded, but not padded, so there’s no additional bulk (it’s supposed to make you look smaller, not bigger).

It lifts and minimizes so well you may think you’ve lost weight.

The wires are encased in their own channel, so they won’t rub against your ribs. The slings, panels, and the center pull straps furnish exceptional lift, great if you are sagging or deflated.

Hazelnut = cool walnut
EU sizes 32D-I, 34-38 C-I, 40-42C-H, and 44C-F (sizes are C,D, E, F, G, H, I)
Full bust

Wacoal Awareness Cappuccino

A classic style that doesn’t skimp on either looks or comfort. The seamless cups won’t show under your clothes. The underwire has its own special channel, keeping it away from your skin. There’s no padding, just a light lining for modesty.

The combination of inner slings (in larger sizes), compression, and center straps give you great support and help lift even heavy, pendulous breasts.

The band is running small, so get a smaller cup size and a larger band size for the best fit.

Cappuccino equals cool walnut
US sizes 32D-G, 34C-I, 36-40C-I, 42-44 Through H
Full figure/full bust

Vanity Fair Women's Beauty Back Full Figure Underwire Bra 76380 Walnut

Look smooth and elegant with this full figure bra. The cups are fuller, so they keep everything where it belongs (not popping out of your clothes). The straps are wide and slightly padded for better support and comfort. And, there are either three or four hooks in the back. That helps hold everything up, and also helps the back band keep you looking smooth and sleek under your clothes.

Make sure to hand wash this (it’s not hard), so that it will last longer.

Walnut equals cool walnut
Sizes 36C-44DD (not all sizes available)
Full figure

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Sports Bras for Side Fat and Back Fat Bulge Control

Spilling out of the back or sides of your bra is no fun. Especially when you’re working out and want to keep everything contained. Not to mention, if you’re at a gym or running or otherwise in public, it’s…not a good look. Swooping and scooping can help when you’re planning on doing something sedentary, but it’s not that useful if you are bouncing or moving around. If you have bulges under your arms, or carry back fat, you want a sports bra that can hide back fat or side fat, contain the extra tissue, and keep you looking smooth while you exercise.

You’ll want a bra with a higher back or sides to help everything look flatter and sleeker. Another helpful feature is a bra with power mesh material in the back and sides. Think of power mesh as a bit like control pantyhose material for your bra. It helps smooth you out and make you look better. Don’t fall for the trap of trying to get a larger band size to hit the bumps. That will just make everything worse, as the band will push up and make the rolls look worse. And, it will be uncomfortable too— even worse when you (and the bra) move around.

Keep in mind that the band on a sports bra should generally fit more snugly than a standard bra for better support. And, you should fit normally inside the cups. Any spillage will be exacerbated when you run or jump. Try it on and jump or box or practice whatever sport you intend to participate in, to test whether the bra will keep you in place and support you properly.

If you are a D cup or above, stick with encapsulation bras. Compression bras won’t have enough support and can cause the dreaded “uniboob” effect.

And, of course, the bra should also do its job of preventing your breast tissue from bouncing up and down while you work out.

Every bra on this list will give you the back and side smoothing you want. I’ve sorted them by size range/body type (full figure, full bust, average figure, etc.) and labeled them to show whether they are suitable for low, medium, or high impact exercises.

Full Bust Sports Bras that Minimize Side Fat and Back Fat

Panache Underwire Sports Bra 5021

Ideal for running while busty, this bra will seriously reduce bouncing, no matter what sport you try. It’s got great shaping and support too (no uniboob). There’s a racerback option so you can keep the straps off your shoulders while you work out.

Inset straps are designed to keep them from falling off your shoulders.  That's also a bonus if your shoulders are narrow, since the straps are less likely to slip while you move around. The front mesh in the center is breathable, so it stops under-bust sweating, and the allover fabric is designed to push moisture away from your body.

Powermesh (there’s that control top fabric again) on the back and sides help smooth out unsightly lumps and keep you confined inside the bra where you belong.

You don't have to settle for basic black or white either, it's also available in lime/cobalt/ gray/mango, beige, abstract ice, abstract paint, kaleidoscope, cyber print, pixel, geometric and stripe prints.
UK sizes 28D-H, 30D-H, 32C-J, 34B-J, 36B--HH, 38B-HH, 40D-GG.
High impact

Chantelle 2941 High Impact Underwire Sports Bra

Great coverage and support, as well as a bit of padding (to hide the headlights) add up to a great bra for larger busts. The underwire is exceptionally flexible so it won’t dig into your stomach and will move with you as you exercise.

Powermesh sides and back smooth out bulges, stretch with you, and wick moisture away from your body. The straps are inset, to stop slipping, and also feature a J-hook to convert the bra to a racerback style. They’re also padded, to be more comfortable and reduce chafing.  It contains, lifts, and supports so well you can even wear it when you’re not exercising.

One more thing, the band has four sets of hooks (not a column, but rows), so that you can make it tighter (and get more wear out of it) than most bras, with only three rows. The band runs tight, which is good for higher impact sports, but sister size down a cup and up a band for a more comfortable fit.

30D-H, 32-40 C-H, 42C and D in black with contrast stitching
High impact

Sports by Impact Levels

If you're not sure what impact level you need, here are some guidelines:

Low impact: walking, yoga, Pilates
Medium impact: cycling, hiking, skiing
High impact: running, gymnastics, jumping

Freya Core Underwire Sports Bra AA4002

Jump, run, or head out to the trampoline park, you won’t bounce around in this bra. It has excellent support, as well as shaping. See those seams? They lift and round your breasts, so you never look like you have only one boob. It’s also available in an extensive size range, including the rare 28 band and up to a K or JJ cup, depending on band size.

The fabric is soft and specially designed to dry quickly so you won’t feel sweaty during or after your workout. Nobody wants bra sweat.

Wider underwires are more comfortable, and great if you have wide breasts. And the bra arches in the center, which is better if you have a larger stomach. The sides and back are tall, for better smoothing and bulge taming.

Beige or black in UK sizes 28D, DD, E, F, FF, G. 30-36D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, J, JJ, and K, and 38D-JJ.
High impact

Wacoal Underwire Sports Bra

The unique strap design lets you lock in the adjustment so it won’t slip. Essentially, inside of slide the buckle along the strap, there are six fixed “stops”. An extra bit of fabric underneath the strap keeps the adjustment hook away from your skin, so it won’t rub and cause irritation.

One more unusual feature on this bra: the underwires are essentially on the outside. You may think, at first, that you’re putting the bra on inside-out (check the tag side!) but while it may seem odd at first, it’s actually a comfort feature.  Since the wires are outside, they won’t rub against your skin and chest, especially while you are jumping around.

The sides and back are tall and made of mesh that will smooth you out and also keep you cooler, allowing moisture to escape.

Comes in beige, black, blue, and purple. US sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, and 40 C-H; 42D-DDD.
High impact

Sports Bra Care Note

If you get a dark color, wash it separately a few times (like jeans) to make sure it doesn’t run. It’s best to hand wash your sports bras (and really most bras) because the elastic, wires, and padding can break down in a washing machine.

If you absolutely must put them in a machine, hook the back together and put the bra in a mesh lingerie bag. Then wash on gentle cycle in cold water.

Don’t put them in the dryer (actually don’t put any bra in the dryer) as it will wear them down faster and the heat will break down the material and the wires. Lay them flat to dry, or drape them on a rack (with the center of the bra over one of the rods and the straps hanging down on either side).

Full Figure Sports Bras That Tame Underarm and Back Bulges

Elomi Energise Underwire Sports Bra

If you like the Elomi Cate, this bra is for you. It’s modeled on the same frame, but transformed into a sports bra. There are four part cups and side support panels for great lift, support, and shaping, without uniboob. And, it will keep everything in place so you can jump and roll and kick without having your chest knock on your face.

The back and sides have power control fabric to prevent back fat and underarm bulges, and there are also extra panels in the sides to push you forward and out from under your arms. The sides and back do get taller as the bra size (band and cup) gets larger, so it may not work if you are at the higher end of the size range and have a short torso.

The straps can be worn standard or racerback (with a J-hook), allowing you to get a bit more support, and concealing the straps under a sleeveless top.

It’s made out of moisture wicking fabric, which will keep you cooler and (incidentally) is also good if your inner body temperature is having mood swings.

With all of that, it still looks an awful lot like a regular bra, so you could use it that way if you want.

Comes in black, white, navy, red, charcoal, and beige.
UK sizes 32GG-J, 34G-K, 36DD-K, 38D-K. 40D-J, 42D-H, 44D-GG, and 46D, DD.
High impact

Vanity Fair Sport Full Figure 76500 Bra

This bra delivers both comfort and a style that’s close enough to a regular bra to wear even when you’re not exercising. It’s got built-in ventilation to keep you cool throughout your day.

This is a full figure style, so the straps are a bit wider (for more comfort) and the cups are slightly larger (for better containment) than an average figure bra. It also has tall, power mesh back and sides to keep you looking smooth.

The power mesh also adds moisture wicking and better stretch (since it stretches in every direction), it will be more comfortable. It’s seamless, so there are no lines to show under your clothing. If you hate wires, it also comes in a wire-free version.

Black, damask, white, pale pink, fuchsia
US 36C-44DD
Full figure
Medium impact

Glamorise Magic Lift Active Support Sports Bra

A great bra if you prefer less vigorous exercise, such as walking or yoga, but still need full figure support. This bra goes up to a 50 band and K cup! Since the cups ares partially cotton, it’s cooler and naturally breathable and moisture-wicking.

There are seams and inner slings for shaping, but no wires! Instead of wires, there’s a power mesh wide band for added support and comfort. In addition, the sides and back have more control fabric that will stretch to fit you, pull moisture away from your body, and tamp down on unsightly bulges and back fat.

And, it’s another bra that looks a lot like a regular bra.

Available in white, beige, and black; cups go from 38-50 B, C, D, DD, F, G, H, I, J, and K (UK sizes).
Low impact

Average Figure Sports Bras for Side and Back Fat Control

Champion Motion Control Bra B1522

A running sports bra that’s not too pricy and comes in actual sizes, including D and DD cups. It’s also wire-free (a bit less support, but no wire to rub against your skin). The straps can be worn standard or criss-crossed for extra hold and to help keep the weight off your shoulders.

It’s constructed out of moisture-wicking fabric to keep you drier and more comfortable while you work out. The encapsulated styling keeps your bust supported and minimizes bouncing so you’re more secure while you work out. The sides and back have power mesh for better stretch, shaping, and bulge management.

Black, beige, pink, blue, and white in US sizes 34-42B-DD.
Average bust
High impact

Brooks Moving Comfort FastForward Zip Front Sports Bra 300637

Made for moderately intense activities, such as cycling or hiking, this bra is wire free and has a wide band to keep it in place. A front zipper closure is easy to open and locks into place when you close it. It’s a great feature if you have trouble reaching around your back to fasten your bra.

The cups are padded (for comfort, rather than size, to reduce chafing as you move around). If you don’t want the pads, or are doing something less strenuous, you can remove them.

Powermesh on the back, sides, and straps stop bulges and add moisture control, pushing wetness away from your skin. It will also dry quickly.

It’s got a racerback, so the straps are less likely to slip.

Sizes S-2X (equivalent of UK sizes 32C-E, 34-38 A-E and 40 C-E)
Average Figure/Some Full Bust
Medium Impact

Amoena 44070 Zip Front Sports Bra

If you want to exercise after breast surgery, this bra comes with pockets for a prosthesis (sold separately). There’s also a bit of padding for shaping.

It has a zip front closure, which is great if you’ve had surgery, and have trouble reaching behind you to close a back fastening bra. The zipper has a soft lining, so it won’t rub against your skin and cause irritation.

It’s wire free, but the band is extra-wide for improved support and stability while you exercise (in other words, the bra will stay in place better). Power mesh material keeps moisture away from your body and minimizes side and back fat bulges.

Sizes S-XL (equivalent to US 32-42B through D)
Medium Impact