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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Bras with Short Wires That Won't Stab Your Armpits

Maidenform comfort devotion bra

Are you short? Having problems finding a comfortable bra? A bra that doesn't dig under your arms? Or have cups that nearly reach your neck?

These problems can occur if you are short-statured, have a short torso, or simply have a short distance from your shoulders to armpits. You can also have problems with underwire digging if your cup size is too small.

The problem is twofold.  First, each bra manufacturer has a different system for sizing their bra wires up and down.  That can also mean that the same size in brand A may not fit in brand B. Some brand wires tend to run shorter in general, including Freya, Curvy Kate, and Fantasie.  Panache, Chantelle, and Wacoal tend to be longer (with a couple of exceptions).

Secondly, wire lengths and shapes vary depending on the bra style.  For example demi-cup and balcony bras have shorter wires. The cups are smaller, so the wires will also be shorter, have a flatter shape, and not come up as high under your arms.  Plunge bra wires are closer to a banana shape, pushing your tissue away from your arms and towards the center of your body.

On the other hand, strapless bras will, generally, be a problem. The wires are U-shaped, and extra-long; longer wires are necessary to provide support without straps but are more likely to stab shorter women. 

As an example, below are images of three different bras, all in size 32DD.  From left to right, they are Cleo by Panache Asher 9971, Freya Fancies 1011, and Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless 854119.

Panache Juna bracleo by panache juna bra
Freya Fancies bra
Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless brawacoal red carpet strapless bra

The wire on the balconette Cleo Juna bra on the left is 9.25 inches long. The black Freya Fancies bra in the middle, which is a plunge style, has a wire that measures 9.13 inches. Meanwhile, the wire on the strapless Wacoal 85119 on the right is 10.31 inches.

Remember, these bras are all technically the "same" size!


Fit Note

I have pulled sample wire lengths from Bratabase's database.

While it doesn't have every bra in every size, it is a good way to get a general sense of whether a particular bra has long or short wires. Note the measurements there are in centimeters, but I have converted them here.

The 36:5 at the link equals size 36DD.

I have also listed wire lengths for a representative size next to each bra.

Depending on your size, and height, you can also try petite bras. These have shorter wires and shorter straps. However, petite bras are commonly produced in small cup sizes only and have other differences meant to accommodate smaller bodies.   See second fit note near the bottom of the post.

Average Figure Bras with Short Wires

Lightweight, soft, and completely seamless so it won't show under your clothing.  Go for the basic shades, or spice up your wardrobe with fun colors and prints.

It's got low sides, and an angled wire, so nothing will dig into your sides or under your arms.  Another comfort bonus: it's bandless and has an arched center, which is great for people with short torsos or larger tummies.

US sizes 32A-C, 34-40 B-D in white, sand, black/beige, and several blue, pink, red, and berry fashion prints.  Wire length for size 34B is 6.81 inches.

Natori Feathers Contour braNatori Feathers Contour Bra 730023

Light, lovely and adorned with lace and a sheer mesh insert for extra oomph. There are no seams to show under your clothing, and the bra is remarkably lightweight. Available in US sizes 30A-DDD, 32-36A-G and 38C-DD.  This bra tends to run shallow, so you may need to size up, especially if you are a D cup or above.  Comes in white, two shades of beige, mauve, midnight blue, black, and lots of fashion colors.  Size 32C wire is 7.28 inches long.

Timpa Womens Lace Duet Demi Bra TIM-16449

Perfect for small busts and small bodies, this bra is brimming with style. It's light, delicate and features beautiful scalloped lace along the tops of the cups.

And, it's available in a true rainbow of colors, from red, to blue, to white, several shades of pink, coral, yellow, and orchid. You can wear a different color each day of the week if you want.

It does run small, so size up in both band and cup for a better fit. In other words, if you normally buy a 34B, get a 36C instead.

US sizes 32A-C, 34A-D, 36A-D, and 38A-C in fourteen different colors.
The wire on Timpa 34B is 6.7 inches long.

A bra that will lift your bust as well as your mood. Elegant enough for a honeymoon or special occasion, or just because it's Tuesday and you want to treat yourself. Wacoal wires tend to run long, but this is an exception. Also, b. tempt'd is smaller overall than its sister brand.

The cups have a bit of padding, but there's no "chicken cutlets" or removable padding. The low sides and demi-cup styling ensure that you won't get stabbed by rogue wires.

Available in ice, pale pink, black,  chili pepper, lavender, and hot pink.
US sizes 30B-DDD, 32-38B-DDD. The wire on size 32C  is 7.7 inches long.

Full Bust Bras with Short Wires

Freya Deco Molded Plunge Bra 4234

A great bra with fantastic support, especially if you are full-busted.  It's perfect for summer t-shirts and fitted tops. Since there are no bows, frills, or lacy bits, nothing will show under your clothing. 

It's got a touch of padding to keep you smooth without adding size or bulk.

The arched center panel is more comfortable for short torsos. It's also great if you have a large stomach.

Available in black and beige (plus a few limited fashion colors) in UK sizes 28-36GG, 38B-38G. The wire for size 36DD is 9.5 inches long. 

Freya Expression Underwire AA5490

No boring bra here. The sheer mesh, guipure lace, and delicate trim on the cup edges are stunning. 

And it's not just a "pretty face." Multi-part cups, power mesh, and clever seaming add great support and lift, even in large cup sizes. The plunge neckline is perfect for shorter bodies (those angled wires), without being heavy or ending up near your neck.

Comes in black and bright blue in UK sizes 28-38D-H.  The wire on size 30FF (sister size US 36DD) is 9.76 inches long. While  the cup volume is the same, I do not recommend buying the 36DD if you need the 30FF. The band will be far too big. Available in sizes 28-38 D-H.

Freya Expression Underwire Plunge Bra AA5491

If you'd rather have a molded (aka t-shirt bra) try this one from the same Freya collection. It won't show under your clothes, but it still has plenty of style. 

There's guipure lace under the cups and a satin ribbon between them.  It's also got powermesh for support. 

The straps are fully adjustable (great for shorter bodies), and adjust in the center so it's easier to get the right length. Other great short body features include bandless styling, and an arched center.

Available in beige, black, bright blue, and taupe in UK sizes 28D-H, 30D-HH, 32D-HH, 34B-HH, 36B-H, and 38B-G. 

The wire length for this bra in 30FF (36DD sister size) is 10.6 inches. Again, do not try to sister size from 30FF to 36DD. It won't fit.

Curvy Kate Lifestyle Sheer Plunge Multi Part Cup Bra CK5711

This bra is sheer, unpadded, and super-sexy. The seamed cups lift and shape for a rounded look.  

Elasticized edges along the cups and sides provide a custom fit.  The arched center design keeps the band away from your stomach and prevents it from digging into your ribs.  Always a good thing!

Comes in lemon, black, latte, sangria, and cantaloupe in UK sizes 30-40 D-J.  The cup is running small, so sister size up a cup (and then down a band) for a better fit.  

The larger cup sizes aren't quite as supportive.  Also, it has wide-set straps, which are great for square neck tops, but not for narrow shoulders. 

The wire for size 32DD is 7.67 inches. Note this is a smaller reference size than most of the other bras in this section.

Wacoal Embrace Lace Contour T-Shirt Bra 853191 

A smooth, elegant bra enhanced with delicate embroidery under the cups.  The neckline plunges so it won't show even under tops with deep V necklines.  

The cups have just enough padding for modesty, without making you look larger.  And, they stretch for a better fit. This is especially helpful if one side is larger than the other. 

Since the straps are fully adjustable, you can get them just the right length (important when you are short).

Comes in beige, mauve, and black, with some fashion colors, in sizes 30D-DDD, 32C-G, 34-38B-G, and 40C-DDD (US sizes).  The wire for size 36DD is 10 inches.

Freya Fancies Underwire Plunge Bra AA1011

This bra is lightweight and elegant, with plenty of holding power.  Stretchy lace along the top of the cups, plus elastic on the band and sides, mold to your body for a custom fit. It fastens with a unique  "gate" design. This keeps the bra in place with only a single hook.

The straps are wide set (not for narrow shoulders), and fully adjustable.

Comes in beige, black, and fashion colors (such as berry and azure) in UK sizes.  The wire for size 36E (or US 36DDD) is 10.5 inches long.

Full Figure Bras with Short Wires

Elomi Matilda Plunge Bra EL8900

Matilda's plunging neckline, side support panels, and short wires are ideal for curvy figures.  It won't poke!  There's elastic on the edges and front for a custom fit. The arched center and bandless style are also more comfortable if you have a large stomach. 

Plus, it's pretty! No need to buy beige (unless that's what you wanted). 

Available in white, cafe, black/pink, bright pink, pale pink, neon pink, blue, magenta, and black. And yes, the fun colors do come in larger sizes.

UK sizes 32GG-K. 34GG-K, 36DD-K, 38DD-K, 40D-K, 42DD-HH, 44DD-G, and 46DD.  The wire in UK size 42DD is 10.5 inches long. 

Elomi Charley Underwire Plunge Bra EL4380

Yes, you can have both comfort and good looks (even in larger sizes). Plus a welcome burst of color and glamour. The tops of the cups are embroidered with mesh lace for an elegant look, with a sheer diamond design on the lower half. The lower section is lined (so you don't show through). A plunging neckline is great for V-neck tops.

It's got a leotard back (to minimize strap slippage). And, there's also a J-hook so you can wear it in standard or racerback style.

Comes in navy, jet, black, black with floral design, honeysuckle pink, and blue/green in UK sizes 32GG-JJ, 36-40 DD-JJ, 42DD-HH, 44E-G, and 46DD.  The wire in size 42DD is 10.66 inches long.

Vanity Fair Body Caress Underwire Bra 75335

Bras simplified.  This one is pared down to the essentials, but with a bonus — the straps can be worn criss-crossed or standard.  It's constructed with extra-soft fabric so it won't itch, scratch, or irritate your skin.  

Plus, it's lightly padded for modesty.  And, at only 2 3/4 inches, the sides are particularly low, so they won't rub against your underarms. US sizes 34-38 B-DD, 40C-DD, and 42C in berry, mauve, and grey.  The wire in size 38DD is 11.2 inches long. 

Petite Bras with Short Wires (and Small Cups)

Fit Note

Petite bras are designed specifically for smaller-framed people.  The wires are shorter, the cups are smaller and closer together, and the entire bra is scaled down.

If you are both a small cup size and either short-statured or have a small frame and rib cage,  they will fit you better than standard bras. 

Do not buy these if you are just an A or B cup. They will not fit properly.

Wacoal Embrace Lace Petite Push-up Underwire Bra 75891

A rare push-up exception, the Wacoal Petite Lace Embrace bra is a smooth, low-cut bra designed to maximize smaller figures.  It also comes in hard to find AA sizes.

It does have both push-up bumps and padding, but you can remove the pads if you prefer.  

The bottom, sides, and back are embellished with lace for an elegant look and the bandless style is more comfortable on shorter torsos.

Comes in US petite sizes 32-36 AA-C in beige. The wire in size 30C is 6.85 inches long.

The Little Bra Company Women's Angela BraLittle Bra Company Angela E005C

Pared down and simple, with no frills or fluff, this bra is ideal for smaller bodies. The convertible straps allow you to wear it lots of different ways. It's a plunge style, with light padding, for better cleavage. It won't show even under low-cut tops. This is best if your breasts are closer-set (try Yvonne if you are wide-set).

It runs small, as do all Little Bra Company bras, because it is designed for smaller people.

Comes in US petite sizes 28-34 A through C, 36 -B and 38A in beige and black. The wires on a 30B are 5.74 inches long.

The Little Bra Company Women's Yvonne Lace Detail T-Shirt Bra E001

If you'd prefer something more elegant, and also have wider-set breasts, try Yvonne.  The cups are seamless, so they won't show under clingy shirts, but they are embellished with beautiful lace along the band and on the convertible straps.

It is lightly padded, and push up to add curves to smaller bodies. Just enough to look good, but not so much that you look phony.

And, it's lined with cotton, so it's cooler against your skin.  

Available in vanilla, mocha, and black in US petite sizes 28-38A, 30 B-C, 32A-D, 34A-B, 36 A-B, and 38AA.  The wire on the 30 B is 5.66 inches long.

Unlike most strapless bras, this one is designed specifically for petites.  Just the thing for weddings, formal occasions, or even for tops with complicated strapping that doesn't fit the usual bra without showing.

This is a smooth version of the Sascha lace bra. It won't show under your clothes, as it has no seams or decoration.  It comes with removable straps and has more padding than the other styles listed. 
Comes in US sizes 28-34 A-C, 36A-B, and 38A and AA in beige, pearl, black, and mocha. Wire length on size 30B is 7.55 inches.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Comments and Questions Answered!

Just a brief note to say I just realized that something had gone wrong with the notification system. My email was missing and I wasn't getting notified of questions and comments!

There were dozens and dozens of them backed up and stuck in the moderation queue without replies.  I have now gone through and I think I've answered everything.

If I missed yours, ping me again on the post and I'll answer.

Sorry about that!


Monday, December 23, 2019

Medium Light Skin Tone Bras from Cool Sand to Olive

Vanity Fair Women's Nearly Invisible Full Coverage Underwire Bra 75201 Damask

If trying to find a “skin tone” bra that actually matches your skin tone has been driving you crazy, this series of posts are for you. Most “nude” bras are only one or two colors, yet they still call them “nude.” The nudes for “ivory” skins are all wrong for latte skin tones, or mahogany, or olive skins, but the convention persists anyway. Grrr.

Not to mention each brand labels their colors differently. So one brand’s latte is another’s hazelnut. Go figure!

And whenever some writes an article touting “brown” skin bras there are only a few colors and styles. Great if that small selection works for you, but frustrating if it doesn’t. And they weren’t categorized in any way to differentiate them. Just “brown.” And that’s just as bad as calling any vaguely ivory/tan/hazelnut/coffee color “nude.”

So, I decided to do something about it. I found a color chart with skin tones laid out nicely in shades from ivory to ebony. Then, I broke that up into four sections (each post will be one section), matching the chart.

 The original plan was to do a single post, but it sort of kept growing. So now it’s four posts, one post for each group of colors.

I can’t embed the chart here, as it’s not my work, and I don’t have the rights to use it, but this is a link to the color chart I used.

The color groups and posts are:

Light: porcelain to peach
Medium light: sand to olive (this post)
Medium dark: sienna to chestnut, and
Dark: bronze to ebony

I’ve started each post listing which group of colors it covers, and then listed each individual shade underneath.

Once again, I used my handy color meter tool to get the “formula” for each bra color and for each skin color. Then I matched them up. I’ve also listed both the brand “shade” and the skin tone “shade” under each bra so it’s easier to see which is which.

To reiterate from the first post, my lighting, eyesight, computer, monitor and room conditions may be different than yours. I have a client who can go on and on about lighting and how colors can change depending on the room conditions. That aside, it is at least consistent, and it does give a general guideline of what bra color is closest to each skin color. It also tries to compensate for the inconsistent color labels between brands.

And, of course, since this is still a bra blog about finding a bra that fits (except this time for color instead of size or shape), I’ve also labeled each bra with the body type that it it’s most suited for. So, small bust, average figure, full bust, and full figure. Plus, I’ve also listed the sizes for each and the sizing system that they use (US, EU, or UK). Because these posts are focusing on skin tone colors, rather than all the colors available, I’ve only listed skin colors for each bra, instead of all of them. Many will come in other colors too!

Lastly, since some bras come in more than one skin tone in this post’s range, they may appear more than once.

Skin Tone Bras from Cool Sand to Olive

(Cool Sand, Sand, Beige, Cool Beige, Honey, Warm Honey, Golden Honey, Cool Olive, and Olive)

Vanity Fair Women's Nearly Invisible Full Coverage Underwire Bra 75201 DamaskVanity Fair Women's Nearly Invisible Full Coverage Underwire Bra 75201 Damask

So light you may forget you’re wearing it. It’s got “padding” (contouring) for nipple control, and a bit of stretch along the edges for a better fit. The center is wide, so it’s better if you are wide-set. The plunge neckline won’t show under deep V-neck tops, and the straps are thin enough to hide under most tank tops. The special hidden edge design keeps your bra lines from showing under thin tops.

Damask neutral equals cool sand
US sizes 43B-40DD
Average Figure
(This also comes in a full figure style in the same colors up to a 44DD.

Vanity Fair Women's Beauty Back Full Figure Underwire Bra 76380 DamaskVanity Fair Women's Beauty Back Full Figure Underwire Bra 76380 Damask

Four-way stretch fabric hugs your curves to give you almost a custom fit. The cups are smooth, and have just enough “padding” to keep you under cover when it’s cold.

There’s no lace or bumps in the bra, and the stretch fabric also helps minimize bumps and lumps around your back and sides. You’ll feel better and your clothes will look better.

And, the bra stays put. The straps don’t slip or slide, even if you have rounded shoulders. Since there’s no band under the cups, it will be more comfortable if you are short or carry weight in your stomach.

Damask equals cool sand
Sizes 36C-44DD
Full Figure

Playtex Secrets Full Figure Bra 4422 Natural BeigePlaytex Secrets Full Figure Bra 4422 Natural Beige

A best-selling and well-fitting bra that doesn’t cost a lot of money. It’s comfortable and supportive, with inner slings to provide shape and lift. It’s pretty too, with a jacquard pattern on the cups and lace trim along the cup edges.

It is more of a retro-style, so you'll get a "classic" look when wearing it.  Great if you like vintage clothing.

The center is narrow, so it will fit better if you are close-set. Wide-set straps are best if you have wider and straighter shoulders. The high back and sides will help smooth out lumps and bumps.

Natural beige (equals cool sand)
US sizes 34C-DD, 36B-DD, 38B-DD, 40C-DDD, 42 and 44 B-DD
Full figure

Wacoal Awareness Underwire Full Figure BraWacoal Awareness Underwire Full Figure Bra

Wear this under t-shirts for a smooth look. The cups are decorated with a floral jacquard pattern and it comes in plenty of pretty colors (aside from the skin tone colors). You don’t have to settle for just beige and black. The narrow center is best if you are close-set. It’s not just pretty, it’s also comfortable.

The underwire is encased in its own channel, so it won’t rub against your skin. And, larger sizes have extra support slings, as well as more hooks. The bra keeps you lifted and gives you a great rounded shape, without padding.

The bands are a bit tight, so you may want to switch up a band size and down a cup size.

Sand equals sand
US sizes 32D-G, 34C-I, 36-40C-I, 42-44 Through H
Full figure/full bust

Gossard Glossies Nude Gossard Glossies Nude

Super sheer (great for date night or even just because it's Tuesday and you feel fancy).  The mesh fabric stretches to fit your shape perfectly, and shimmers when the light hits it.

Bandless styling is more comfortable if you have a larger stomach, or  a short torso.

Center pull straps add an extra boost, which is great if you are pendulous or saggy.  The straps are also convertible for cup sizes A-D.

Nude equals beige
UK sizes 30B-G, 32-36 A through G, 38B-G
Small bust/average bust/some full bust sizes

Maidenform One Fab Fit Original Tailored Demi T-Shirt Bra 7959 Body Beige Maidenform One Fab Fit Original Tailored Demi T-Shirt Bra 7959 Body Beige

A plunging neckline and padded cups provide plenty of oomph, making this a bestselling bra.

There are no seams and no lace, so it won't show under clothing.  The plunging neckline is great for low-neck shirts nad tops.

If you're between smaller sizes (A/B) or don't have much projection, this is a good option, as Maidenform runs small.

I'm highlighting skin colors here, but it also comes in lots of prints if you want something fun.

Body beige equals beige
US sizes 32-38A-DD
Average figure

Anita Rosa Faia Twin Seamless 5490 Desert
Anita Rosa Faia Twin Seamless 5490 Desert

Sleek, understated and comfortable with no distracting lace, bows, or or decoration to show under clothing. It's completely smooth, and lined with a double layer of matching mesh, keeping the bra light and breathable.

The fabric has microfiber for softness and comfort (it feels silky and light).  It's designed with a leotard back to help keep straps from sliding off narrower shoulders. 

Note that there are some extra features in larger sizes: added inner slings, heavier underwire, and wider straps for better support for larger breasts.

Larger cup sizes (above D) seem to be running a bit small, and the straps are a bit long for some shorter women.

Desert equals cool beige
EU sizes 30C-H, 32-38H, 40B-G, 42B-F, 44B-F.
Full bust/full figure

Wacoal Basic Beauty Underwire Spacer Bra Sand
Wacoal Basic Beauty Underwire Spacer Bra Sand

If you are sick of slipping straps, this bra is for you. The straps are inset, meaning they are close together so they won’t slide off your shoulders. They are also fully adjustable, so you can get them just the right length, no matter if you are extra tall or extra short.

It also has slings inside the cups to push you forward, improve support, and keep underarm bulges under control. You’ll get a more centered, fuller looking appearance. And, the spacer fabric is much cooler than standard bras in hot weather.

Since it’s seamless, and has no decoration (other than a small bow), nothing will show under clingy tops. The material is soft and silky and feels good against your skin. It won’t cut into your stomach or squeeze under your arms either.

Sand equals honey
US 30D-G, 32-40C-G. 42-46C-DDD
Full bust

Bali One Smooth U Illusion Neckline 3439 NudeBali One Smooth U Illusion Neckline 3439 Nude

Lightweight and comfortable with side slings for support and shaping. Powernet fabric smooths out back fat and eliminates bumps and lumps. The sheer mesh along the tops of the cups lighten the visual effect of the bra, and give it a more youthful look (so you don’t feel like you’re wearing a granny bra).

The straps are comfortable and convertible, so you can wear them the standard way or criss-crossed. Plus, the deep U back and inset strap design ensures that those straps don’t slide.

It’s not heavily padded, so it’s less bulky and hot than a contour bra. And, the seamless cups have no lace or anything else to show under clothing.

Incidentally, if you want color, there are plenty of those too (like red and teal).

Nude equal to warm honey
US sizes 34-42B-DD
Average figure/full figure

Vanity Fair Women's Beauty Back Full Figure Underwire Bra 76380 Honey BeigeVanity Fair Women's Beauty Back Full Figure Underwire Bra 76380 Honey Beige

Extra stretch in the fabric gives this bra a great fit. It will adapt to your shape, while also concealing unsightly lumps and bulges. The back and sides are high to help shape your body and give you a smoother look under your clothes. It’s got a bandless front and an arched center panel, which make it more comfortable for larger.stomachs or if you have a short upper body.

Center pull straps help add extra lift to sagging breasts and the wire is in its own channel (and not next to your skin). That all makes you look better and feel more comfortable. Best if you are wide-set, as the center is a wide triangle.

Honey Beige equals warm honey
Sizes 36C-44DD (not all sizes available)
Full Figure

Maidenform Love the Lift 9428 LatteMaidenform Love the Lift 9428 Latte

Gain an extra cup size instantly with this graduated padded bra. You’ll look curvier, without feeling uncomfortable or fake. It’s sleek and understated, with no embellishment other than a bit of lace between the cups and on the end of the straps. Otherwise, it’s smooth sailing, for a sleek look that won’t show under your t-shirts or sweaters.

The plunging neckline is great if you want to wear a low-cut top.

The fabric is also extra-soft, so it feels smooth and silky against your skin.

Not recommended if you have narrow shoulders, as the straps are wide-set.

Maidenform runs small in both the cup and band so keep that in mind.

Latte equals cool olive
Average figure

Timpa Duet Mesh Bra Beige
Timpa Duet Mesh Bra Beige

No padding (because being small doesn’t mean you necessarily want any padding!) and sexy mesh lace make this bra a stunner. It’s got a low neckline, so it’s great for low-cut tops.

The cups are stretchy mesh, scalloped, and frame your bust beautifully. Since it is stretchy, it will adjust to fit your particular shape, giving you a better fit.

It does run small in both the band and cups, which is good if you are smaller than the size range (AA cups get an A). Otherwise, you may want to size up in the band. Size up in the cup if you are fuller (it runs shallow).

Beige equals cool olive
US sizes 32A-38C
Small Bust

Chantelle C Magnifique 1891 Nude
Chantelle C Magnifique 1891 Nude

Busty women often struggle to first get a bra that fits their bodies, and then find one that fits under clothing. You know what I mean. The bra looks OK on you, but then you get dressed and the buttons start flying around. Not with this bra.

It makes you look considerably smaller (without being squashed or flattened). It keeps everything in place, while giving you a natural-looking, attractive shape. And, the lining is stretchy so it will conform to your shape for a better fit. This is also good if one side is bigger than the other, as it will prevent gapping and wrinkling.

Inner slings push you forward and out from under your arms for a smoother appearance.

Another nice feature: it has four sets of hooks (instead of three), so you can get more use out of it as it wears.

The cups are seamless and smooth, so they won’t show under your clothing. It’s molded, but not contour, so you may get headlights in cooler weather.

Nude equals cool olive
EU sizes 32D-I, 34-38 C-I, 40-42C-H, and 44C-F (sizes are C,D, E, F, G, H, I)
Full bust

Maidenform Love Natural Boost T-shirt Bra 9428 LatteMaidenform Love Natural Boost T-shirt Bra 9428 Latte

Gain an extra cup size instantly with this graduated padded bra. You’ll look curvier, without feeling uncomfortable or fake. It’s sleek and understated, with no embellishment other than a bit of lace between the cups and on the end of the straps.

Otherwise, it’s smooth sailing, for a sleek look that won’t show under your t-shirts or sweaters.  It does have a plunge, wide-set center so it's better if you are wide-set.

Maidenform runs small, so keep that in mind.

Latte equals cool olive
Average figure

Dark Skin Tone Bras from Bronze to Ebony

This is the final post in the skin tone bra series. And, the hardest to fill in, because the darkest shades of nude are the hardest to find.

So, if your skin is bronze, hazelnut, mocha, or cinnamon, you're faced with “nude” bras that have no relationship to your actual skin color. And, the images often aren't matched with people whose skin matches the bra, making it difficult to tell how well the bra's color will match your own skin shade.

And, whenever there’s an article (or at least any I could find) about more inclusive shades of “nude” they tend to be of the X number of brown bras genre. Great, brown bras, but which shades of brown? And are they sorted in any way?

To try to get consistent color matches, I used a skin color chart to try to help make up for that and to get a more systematic reading on which color was which.

So, once again, I used the color meter to match bra colors to skin tones and then match the skin tone color name and formula to each bra color, using whatever color gave me the best match. As mentioned in the previous three posts in this series, apparent color will vary depending on lighting, what monitor you are using, the resolution settings on the screen, and a whole host of other variables.  So, your mileage may vary. But, at least you'll have a better idea which color bra is most likely to be the right "nude" for you.

I’ve divided the color groupings into four posts, divided by color categories (matching the chart). They are:

Light: porcelain to peach
Medium light: sand to olive
Medium dark: sienna to chestnut, and
Dark: bronze to ebony (this post)

I've started with the range of colors (from lightest to darkest in each group) and then added the individual colors in that section underneath.

And, I matched up the brand's color name with the skin tone colors (since the brands are not consistent).  I've also labeled each link with the color name of the bra it describes, so you can pick it out more easily.

Finally, I also labeled the bras by figure type and included the size range they are available in.  Some bras have more than one skin color shade, so they may be listed more than once.

One more thing, since these posts are focused on skin tone colors, I did not include any other shades the bras come in (like blue or green or red or prints).

Dark Skin Tone Bras from Bronze to Ebony

(Bronze, hazelnut, warm hazelnut, nutmeg, mink, mahogany, mocha, espresso, and ebony)

Vanity Fair Women's Beauty Back Full Figure Underwire Bra 76380 More Coffee

This bra features a comfortable fit, true to size, and great support, without a lot of heavy padding. And the straps stay in place too. That’s because of two features: one, they are inset, so they’re closer to your neck, and less likely to fall; second, there’s a little honeycomb design on the straps that helps grip the strap to the slider so it stays in place (almost like a mini-Velcro effect).

The lift and support are good enough to make you look thinner (and give you a more youthful appearance).

Best for wide-set breasts, as the center gore is wide.

More coffee equals bronze
Sizes 38C-44DD (not all sizes available)
Full figure

Playtex Secrets Full Figure Bra 4422 Over the Taupe

Get that lifted, retro Liz Taylor look with this classic bra. It’s got seams for fit and shaping, plus supportive sides and back to tamp down lumps and bulging.

The fabric is lightweight and adorned with lace and a pretty floral design. Wide straps stay in place and full cups keep everything where it’s supposed to be.

 You get great lift, and the side slings help push you front and center. Best if you are close-set, since the center panel is narrow.

Over the Taupe equals hazelnut
US sizes 34C-DD, 36B-DD, 38B-DD, 40C-DDD, 42 and 44 B-DD.
Full figure

Curvy Couture Tulip Lace Balconnette 1017 Chocolat

Balconnette styling and a hidden pad tucked in the bottom of the cups flatter and lift sagging or droopy breasts.  Great if your breasts have fallen and can't get up. 

Plus, it's pretty too.  There's a sheer lace overlay on the cups, and the straps are adorned with scalloped lace. You'll feel pretty, gain a more youthful, lifted look, marvelous décolletage, and support too. That's why it's this brand's best seller.

The support comes from stronger material on the lower portion of the cups, as well as the power mesh sides and back (which smooths out bulges too), as well as side boning for containment. The leotard back stops the straps from slipping.

If you're shallow, it won't wrinkle or gap on top, because it's cut lower. On the other hand, if you do happen to be full on top, order up a cup size.

Chocolat equals hazelnut
US sizes 34DDD-H. 36-44C-H, 46C-DD
Full figure

Wacoal Visual Effects Minimizer 857210 Deep Taupe

A minimizer that slims and flatters, without making you look squashed. Your tops will look and fit better, and it will be so much easier to get dressed in the morning because your bust will be up to an inch smaller.

Sheer mesh, and both floral and geometric designs add a sophisticated touch and won't show under clothing. 

The narrow center is best if you are close-set.  The overall design works for most breast shapes (particularly east-west or shallow). Not ideal for full on top shapes.

Deep taupe equals hazelnut. Note this also comes in clove which is a cinnamon color
US sizes 30G, 32D-H, 34-38C-I, 40-42 C through H, and 44C-DDD.
Full bust/full figure

Timpa Duet Mesh Chocolate

Sheer, sexy, and just plain pretty, this bra has mesh cups and pretty scalloped lace trim along the neckline. It’s super low-cut, so you can wear it under the most plunging necklines.

 It’s so light, you’ll hardly know you are wearing it. And, you’ll get a lovely décolletage without padding or extra bulk. It's all just you.

It does run small, so size up in the band for a better fit. The cups are also shallow, so if you are in-between get the larger cup size. Or, if you need an AA, try the A.

Chocolate equals warm hazelnut
US sizes 32A-38C
Small Bust

Lilyette Enchantment 0434 Minimizer Rum Raisin

Seamed and mesh cups have built-in stretch to conform to your natural shape for a personalized fit.  The sides are stretchy too, which also gives you a smoother, more flattering look.

It is a minimizer, but it won't make you look squashed, only lifted and even a bit thinner (better lift and support lifts up your breasts and gives the illusion that your torso is smaller).

The center panel is narrow and arched, great if you are close-set and more comfortable if you have a larger stomach.

Rum raisin equals mink
US sizes 36-42D-G (no 40G in this color)
Full figure

Wacoal Basic Beauty Underwire Spacer Bra Deep Taupe

Soft, smooth, and silky this bra is both comfy and supportive. It’s sleek and polished, with no lace or designs to show under thin clothing. The spacer fabric also helps keep you comfortable on hot days.

There’s a bit of a band, but if you carry weight in your stomach, the arched center will be more comfortable for your body shape. And, the back and sides have smoothing (control top type) material so you’ll look better (no bumps). The contour material is just enough for shaping and modesty, without making you look bigger.

Deep Taupe equals mink
US 30D-G, 32-40C-G. 42-46C-DDD
Full bust

Calvin Klein Everyday Coverage QF1714 Cinnamon

This style is a bit limited in sizes, but I'm including it because it is one of the harder-to-find darker shades of brown.

Microfiber material makes it soft, and comfortable and adds a bit of a soft sheen to make it look more expensive and elegant.  It's padded for shape (not to add size).  The center is arched and wide (better if you are wide-set).

That arched gore, coupled with the bandless design, will be more comfortable if you have a large stomach.

Cinnamon equals mahogany
Average figure
32C-DDD, 34D-DDD, 36C-DDD, 38C-DDD

Vanity Fair Women's Nearly Invisible Full Coverage Underwire Bra 75201 Cappuccino

This bra comes in four “nude” shades and, even better, they’ve matched the model's skin tones to the bra’s color. That means you can easily see how well the bra will blend in against your skin.

It’s super soft and lightweight and there’s no embellishment of any kind. It’s just smooth and polished, and sleek. Practically invisible!

Cappuccino equals mocha
US sizes 43B-40DD
Average Figure
(This also comes in a full figure style in the same colors up to a 44DD Style #76207).

Gossard Glossies Sheer Bra 6271 Rich Brown

Why yes, this is...sheer.  No lace, no seams, just you. Great for a romantic evening, or just because you feel like it.  It's got a bit of shimmer and shine too.

The cups are stretchy for a better fit, and it's bandless, so it's more comfortable against your stomach. The straps pull up from the center (which will give you a better fit and more lift if you sag), and the smaller cup sizes (up to D cup) are convertible.

Rich brown equals espresso
UK sizes 30B-G, 32-36 A through G, 38B-G
Small bust/average bust/some full bust sizes

Goddess Keira Banded Bra Chocolate

A fantastically supportive bra designed to fit and flatter larger figures and bust sizes. It's got wider underwires, to make it more comfortable, even if you usually don't like underwires.  The wire design also gives better support (because at larger cup sizes, support is critical!). 

It's constructed with power support material in the cups, sides, and back for better hold, and bulge control. There's also vertical and angled seaming for improved shaping and lift.  Side panels push you forward and keep extra tissue from hanging under your arms.  You'll look and feel much better!

The top of the cups is sheer, for an elegant sophisticated look, without any lace or bumps under clothing.  And, since the center is fairly low, it won't show under v-neck shirts.

Chocolate equals ebony. It also comes in cinnamon.
EU sizes 34I-N, 36DDD-N, 38-42 DD-N, 44 DD-L, and 46DD-K
Full figure